“So we should go to Florida Street?”

Rachel was speaking to the Argentine women besides my mom and I as we started to wake up. The thick airplane air smelled of scrambled eggs and my thin sweater barely covered the goosebumps on my arms. My iPod had died from the long flight and apprehensive excitement began to bubble inside me.

The plane begins it’s descent and all I can think is that the moment the plane lands, I will  have officially left the US for the first time.

-Above Buenos Aires, Argentina



imgresI began to internationally travel in 2012 when I joined THINK Global School. In addition to every day classes we go on “weXplores,” which could be categorized as educational field trips. The band of 45 students and 20 staff members live in three countries a year for the four years of high school. TGS changes who you are for the best; I am not the person I am when I began as a midwestern 14 year old girl, but my passions have been amplified and my understanding of the world is still improving.

Also this is a year in review blog post from my first year at THINK Global School.


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