Flashback: The Disappeared

TGS had the lucky opportunity to see the first public discussion from both sides of the “Disappeared” of the Dirty War. During this time thousands citizens were captured, tortured, and murdered for information needed by the government. Two men, Luís and Enrique, spoke about their experience with the Dirty War and afterwards I looked a little deeper and past … Continue reading


Flashback: Estancia

Towards the end of TGS’ semester in Argentina, we took a well needed break from the hustle and bustle of Recoleta and went off into the country side. I feel like this relaxing setting truly represented an important piece of Argentina’s culture we had not yet experienced. The girls danced with gauchos, the guys played … Continue reading

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Flashback: Argentine Fútbol Notes

Argentina is extremely passionate about the game of fútbol. Following are notes I took after attending an amazingly fun and interesting game in September 2012. two rival teams (River Plate and Boca Juniors) each team’s fans have their own seating in the stadium rival team has poor viewing conditions small area with only one unsanitary restroom no concession stand … Continue reading