Curio : Travel Stories, Thoughts, and Experiences

(Sydney B. Morris, 2016)

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Over the past year, I have worked to collect my journal entries and recollect on moments of significance from my four years of studying and living abroad. Curio is my first publication as an author and a single attempt of my own desire to capture the way in which travel truly changes the person you are. It was not in a single moment that I realized my perspectives and opinions were being altered, but rather a unarguable fact after having analyzed my writings retrospectively. My view on the world morphed with every city I lived in and every person I met, but to what extent did this make me a more tolerant and compassionate individual?

In Curio, that is exactly what I aimed to capture. This 175-page book takes the reader along my journey from Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2012 to Florence, Italy in 2016. The book is divided into chapters by country to allow the reader to immerse themselves in the cultural experiences and realizations I had while living in that particular location alongside photos I took to aid the image of the country. The reader will become enthralled by topics from life in Hiroshima, day-to-day stories in Costa Rica, and thought-provoking topics from Srinagar, as well as be able to see the true impact of travel on a person.

While I do admit this is just one human’s aim to capture the effect of something much greater, I truly encourage anyone and everyone to read my stories as well as write stories of their own. We live in a world in which each individual leads a truly unique life, and it is ultimately up to each of us how to live it; at times life may choose the circumstances, but at the end of the day we choose our outlook on them. This is why I hope Curio will inspire people to share their own stories, so as to expand their understanding on their own perspective and the perspectives of those around them.

You can now pre-order Curio from the iBooks Store to read the sample before the entire book is released this coming August 8th, 2016! I would truly love for the followers of this blog to delve into the previously untold stories Curio has to offer.

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