Costa Rica

Rainbows mean Rainy Days

It rains here. A lot. When I wake up in the mornings the grey sky has a slight golden hue coming in from the West and hopes that sunshine will break through the clouds today bubble inside our little cabin. To no avail – it’s noon and the rain hasn’t stopped.

But first I must describe this rain. It’s not nice droplets landing on window sills bringing relaxing moods — it’s hard core showering. Light rain, but a whole lot of it. It often comes at the most inconvenient angle too due to the strong winds. When I went running the other day I was going down a steep hill, but because of the wind pressure against me I could have easily been persuaded I was in fact running up hill with a heavy backpack.

Now it’s mid afternoon and the rain lets up. It actually looks like a nice summer day from my window. The wind still blows, but the clouds are at bay. I grab my rain jacket and peak out side. Checking as to if my eyes have deceived me. Pleasantly surprised, the rain has come to a halt and I begin my journey into the campus. Mud sticks to the bottom of my converse, but the wind only slightly impairs my vision by blowing my untied hair unto my face and for the first time today my forehead is not dripping with water.

The afternoon passes with time spent around friends, studying, or relaxing in the library as the clouds slowly return. It’s not 7pm, I have my backpack in hand, heading to study hall. This distance isn’t far, but I might have to swim to get there. The storm is the worst at night. With my flashlight in hand I wobble towards the classroom, avoiding mud piles and watching for little creatures coming out from the jungle.

In the study hall room I can hear the wind as though it is knocking on the doors and windows, wanting to come inside. The rain patters on the roof – but this time I am safe and dry.


I feel as though I have been living my little sister’s dream – waking up to rainbows every morning. The first time I took this picture, the second I gave it a smile, but now I know it’s tricks. Because at least up here, a rainbow means a rainy day ahead – and I better go back for my umbrella.


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