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2015 Resolutions

In 2014 my goals were to spend less time with my eyes on a digital screen and more time looking across fields and mountains, and getting off the couch and into the fresh air.

lunch on a mountain top

lunch on a mountain top

hiking in Japan

hiking in Japan

Dropping the iPhone and grabbing a water bottle is the way to explore. I realized I could look at pictures of beautiful landscapes around the world via Pinterest all day long, but it isn’t the same as even going for a walk around the neighborhood, sun in my face and Jasper (my dog) or Drake (my brother) by my side. Read last year’s goals here.


For 2015, I am extending this goal. I have a big year ahead academically speaking, now being an IB student while avidly looking for colleges to apply to. In addition to finding that possibly unachievable balance of studying, sleep, and a social life, I want to continue to drop the tech and head outside.  On the bright side, it will give me an excuse to do some of my school readings in a park or by a tree instead of a small room hidden from the lovely sunshine.

Running and writing are also at the top of my To Do list for 2015. Both fell into a similar patter in 2014; it would become an everyday habit for a week or two and then disappear for a while. It can be hard to find time for these hobbies, but that is just the problem – I’m looking for time rather than making time.

So here’s to a new year, one filled with exploration, sunshine, running, writing, and tackling whatever challenges life hands out next.


NYE in 2014


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