New Zealand

Kia Ora New Zealand

One day back home and I am thinking back to New Zealand, after considering Auckland my home 3.5 months. A place where an umbrella is a necessity, where flat white coffees can be found on every corner, and adventuring is the most accessible pass time.

Auckland. Where in an afternoon I can climb Mount Eden and have a 360 view of the city. Where a quick ferry ride across the bay leads to a different vibe of the city. Where a 40 minute walk can take you to a sandy beach and chilly water. I know Alberon and Dove Meyer park like the back of my hand having spent many evenings wandering through the fields and many mornings passing through on the way to La Cigale, the French Market. I know Queen Street and which corner stores sell which type of Ginger Beer. I know when the bus leaves which station and which stop makes a quicker walk back to the hotel.

Room 616. Seashells cover my window sill from the shores of Mission Bay to Hahei to Northland to Abel Tasman. My handmade flax basket holds my miscellaneous collections of this, that, or the other and resides on my bedside table. The blue sweater on my bed is kept warm by the heated blanket and the smell of Eucalyptus lotion resinates throughout my small room. The common space rings with the Arctic Monkeys and Ayesha’s wonderful playlists. Tea cups are found in most corners with Rooibus Tea and Mayoya’s sweet homemade orange honey. The large glass door opens the room to the harbour and the fresh smell of trees nearby.

ACG. I might just spend more time here than at the hotel. A place to learn, but also to drink copious amounts of caffeine while reading through my endless To Do list. Where TGS’ class of 2016 has started our IB endeavor. In 201, World War 1 has been analyzed and treaties have been reenacted. In 225, an ethnography of the Maori has been discussed and related to the culture of New Zealand. In 221, Camus’ and Kafka’s literary decisions have been discussed to the point of no end. In 309, molecular biology and functions of water have been ingrained into our brains. In 211, I take ownership over the white board to sort out my life or my homework. But outside of the classroom is where I continue to learn the most.

New Zealand has a lot to offer. I am pleased to say I think TGS took advantage of every minute here. To share a bit more about our time in New Zealand, MYCO (Magazine, Yearbook, and Company) has created a magazine with posts, updates, and thoughts from our TGS community. You can check out our online magazine here.


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