New Zealand

Running and Caffeine

I’m addicted to running and caffeine. The energy I get from a good run is almost as powerful as a cup of coffee on an early morning. But here in Auckland, I rely on either and/or both; honestly, the running routes are too beautiful and the coffees too amazing not to rely on them.

I run down the road and past the park and to the bay. I run up the staircase and along the sea. I run till I reach the bridge and depending on the day, I’ll keep running. I run in the breeze and squint from the sun in my eyes. I run past runners and bikers with a slight nod and smile exchange as we pass; both of us in the zone and appreciating the experience. Seagulls lead the way back home as I watch sail boats drift into the distance.

IMG_6101 IMG_6105

Flat whites: expresso with steamed milk, an Australian and Kiwi creation. During a free period, stop by the Global Sandwich and ask for a Flat White with cinnamon. A great way to stay awake while immersing your tastebuds into the culture of New Zealand.

IMG_6799 IMG_6828

These may seem like two meaningless parts of my time in Auckland, but I had to comment on them due to how frequently they came into my daily life. I only have 4 days left in Auckland, so I guess that means I have at least have a couple runs and coffees left here. 🙂


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