New Zealand

Journal 25.09.14


no filter, no edit, yet still cannot compare.

9:15 in the morning and we have taken a nature along the beach and into the bluffs of Middle Earth. Now I am sitting on a rock above the Pacific ocean. What is going through my mind? Well to start off the birds are green, probably for camouflage. Also, you can literally see how the Earth is circular in the ocean. The sun is shining and it is so quiet… only noise is that of the waves and the birds.

Now it is almost noon, so we head to the beach. We have some shovels and start digging in the sand. As we dig, the holes fill with water and we sit in them. Groups of random Kiwis are doing the same all. Does it sound weird yet? It looked pretty weird, but my gosh it was incredible! I should mention the hot rocks beneath the sand heat up the ground water. So when you sit in these puddles of sandy ground water it is like sitting in a little man-made hot tub.


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