New Zealand


Wow. Where did that last month go?? I have been in Auckland New Zealand for a few weeks now and I cannot tell if it has felt like a year or a day. On the bright side, it means either way the transition was smooth, no matter the vast differences from the months prior spent in India and Japan.

First change, well I guess you could say starting the IB program would be a bit different from the grade 9 & 10 curriculum. However, all I can say on this subject is, “So far, so good.” (Hoping to keep it that way for a while too!)

Next change, involving TGS dynamics: new staff, new students, new city, is it weird we are already used to it? The schedule is more of a “university” style, from classes to dorms. We go grocery shopping and are in the practice of becoming culinary geniuses, even if we start by discussing whether to put the noodles in boiling water or to let the water boil with the noodles in the pan.

One more change… geographically speaking I could say, “ToTo we aren’t in Missouri anymore.” Auckland is lovely. People run in the mornings, the streets are filled to the rim with cafes, there is a beach, museums, parks, farmers’ markets, the whole nine. We go on our first weXplore in just two days, and I won’t give too much away, but man the stories/blogs/videos/pictures from this trip are going to be amazing. (I will share it with you as soon as my busy schedule allows – I promise.)

But perhaps at the moment you are curious what exactly I have done in the last few weeks, or well I know I am at least excited to share with you that! Stay tuned for some videos and ‘vlogs’, but for now, check out these photos…


Just 24 hours before I was sitting at home, now I am unpacking to make a new one.


Have you heard of the Moleskin Tree? They are very common wherever TGS travels.


Nothing like a group hug to squeeze the awkwardness out of meeting new people.


Hogwarts sorting hat? We put our own little spin on it…


The Owls came in as a strong 2nd in the sandwich making competition… good job Wolves!


Luckily there are coffee shops on every corner.


Did I mention Ginger Beer is everywhere? So good! (Madeline thinks so too.)


No Owl flies alone… we are always there for each other with a helping hand to pick each other back up again.


Maori weekend, breakfast time. Early morning socializing might be one of the things we do best.


Lindsay capturing the TGS experience to share with our friends and family back home.


Perfect description of Auckland weather. One moment it is beautiful, the next it is storming.


Nothing wrong with a good game of catch.


Have you ever cooked your food underground?


Day at the beach! Nothing significant about this photo, just a silly moment from the day, and Yodsel seems to be loving the sun.


Seen from my window? I guess you could say the view is okay. 😉


First day of school. Polo clean and ready to go.


“Just act natural.”


So many emotions in this photo. Where should I begin…


When english words escape you… play pictionary! After this, we added asparagus to the list.


Quick snap before class.


I think this photo is self explanatory.


Cami got soaked from kayaking in the rain. #camiproblems


I turned 17, not 7… regardless it was an unforgettable birthday. ❤


TGS is flexible… so when our host school is closed we make do with hotel rooms and office spaces.


First night cooking for ourselves and the only problem was figuring out how to cut the cheese.


This Northland Knight loves her Starbucks.


Getting some work done in the coffee shop…


On our way to kayaking and paddle boarding… couldn’t of asked for a better day!


On the running route.


Studying bio on the beach. The water is warm even though the air is chilly… Good thing for a high specific heat capacity, am I right?

More work on NZ coming soon! If you have any questions or comments please post below.




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