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The Y, Y-Mag, E-Mag, whatever the name, it is complete! A group of five came together and created this magazine idea we called Y. (Originally this club was known as E-Mag and I joined during it’s transition to Y.)

It was a difficult journey to get where we are today, and at first I bit off more than I could chew; however, I was very excited to learn how to use iBooks Author after seeing the amazing aspects of the app. It was actually a new way to go about The Y; before iBooks, the program “Pages” was used. (The problem I had with Pages was video embedding.)

When I started to collect media to share I did not want to turn down someone simply because the program we used did not play videos. This was adverted through the video widget on iBooks. I won’t go to far into the techy details that I find fascinating, because I am sure they are much more fun to hear about when you are the one learning them…

The actual process was a great learning experience too though. Along with learning a new program, I had to balance the types of media and search for other types of media, and in some cases try to fit some in. I am pleased with the work published in this issue, but I think I can definitely improve on the balance in future issues. By balance I mean between videos, stories, photos and also between specific countries and world-wide topics.

The main goal of Y is still quite hazy, but our India edition gives us some good footwork. Our future withholds the potential of collaborating with World Wide Walkers to share more information in collective forum. This merger would also increase audience and array of media apart of the organizations.

Read Y : India and let me know what you liked, disliked, and what you wish to see more of. If you have any ideas or would like to be apart of the creation process, contact me through email!

Thanks and enjoy…


P.S. You need the iBooks app on your computer in order to read The Y.


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