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Japan in a Polaroid Picture

My favorite part about the polaroid camera is the lighting. I have been experimenting with this lately and have yet to be disappointed by the mysterious and inconstant behaviors of the exposure. Something about taking pictures of people is great with the polaroid too; as if it captures the entirety of the moment rather than what can be caught by the eye.


Sean and Paul during HIS Festival


Some sleepy faces on Pajama Day with Guille, Tiana, Fatima, and Cami


Just the grade chillen’ with our math teacher


Cards with good friends at Coffee House Night: Paul, Cameron, Grant, Bailey, Jonah, Gijs, and Jawed


HIS Fest with Joe


Do you see the rainbow?


Day on Miyajima


Fancy Friday with Paul, Yodsel, Fatima, Cami, Madeline, Tiana, River, and me


House Pride Day with Yodsel, Tiana, Cami, Fatima, and me


G10 Advisory Dinner with Yodsel, Glai, Garrett, Kiana, and me


Coffee House with these ‘gentlemen’ Chau and Tiana. Love the bow-ties.


Pajama Day with Hannah, Alexis, and Danielle

After I took these photos I went down to Hondori and bought more film, so I will add future photos onto this collection. Polaroids are how I am going to capture my memories of Japan. Why though? It is intriguing, cute, and something new- just like exploring Japan has been so far.


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