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Flashback: Munnar, Tea Project, and a Video

Six months ago I was in Munnar, India with my classmates. As a school project, including all of our subjects, we created a business plan and proposed it ‘Dragon’s Den’ style to a group of ‘investors.’ My group of four (Paul, Jonah, Tiana, and me) were extremely passionate about this project and I think this is due to it’s relevance to where we were. We used our classroom skills and applied them when we arrived in tea central of India. We learned exactly how tea is produced and discussed the best ways possible to sell it. My group also had to present in Spanish. Este parte fui dificil, pero con la ayuda de mi profesora lo fui una experiencia buena.

Above is an overview of this project created by Lindsay Clark, TGS’ media specialist. I highly recommend taking the time to watch the video because projects like this are the ones we get most passionate about, as well as make the TGS experience unique.


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