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Winter Weekend Wonders and Conclusions


I tried skiing for the first time, almost exactly one year after I tried snowboarding for the first and last time. My snowboarding can be explained in two words: painful and freezing. Skiing, however, fits neither description. It was a beautiful day out, nice enough to dress light, but still wintery. I strapped on skis, learned the basics, hit the slopes, had a great time! But this exciting day is not what I thought about the rest of the weekend. I kept questioning myself, “Why did I enjoy skiing so much more than snowboarding??” And the answer, “because skiing is always better” was not the one I was looking for. Drinking vending-machine-hot-coffee, wearing my red wool hat, next to a view with only a window in the way of me and the mountain, I eventually came to these conclusions…

1. Company.

2. Positivity.

3. Encouragement.

IMG_4488First, I had great friends with me the entire time.

We were all beginners, we accepted that yeah we are going to fall every now and then, but it shouldn’t keep us down. And if we did get discouraged, we were there to help each other back up.


Second, we wore smiles the entire time: before, during, and after.

We strapped on the unfamiliar boots not asking, “How on earth am I going to walk in these??” and instead asked, “What is the best way to walk in these?” We did not cry when we walked slowly or didn’t turn correctly or tumbled down the hill; we just laughed it off, and then suddenly the embarrassment was non-existant.


Last, but not least, I had encouragement from people before we even left for the trip and I encouraged others.

Don’t be afraid to ask around to see how other people reacted or thought of what you are about to do, in this case, skiing. I talked to my mom and some of my good friends, got tips on the best ways ski and hearing some of their positive experiences with skiing made me excited to try. I then took these positive comments and encouraged others to be excited too.

***I think these methods do not only apply to skiing; they can be helpful to keep in mind with everything we do.


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