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Borrow My Notes

I have been in Japan for just about a week now. To be honest, it feels as though I have been here for a month! However, I am quite grateful to feel that way because the feeling of just arriving can be excruciating at times. Not in a negative way, just in the way that everything is so new, different, exciting, weird– generally overwhelming.

Anyway, I have made it a personal goal to learn as much about Japan as possible in our time here. I think it is off to a good start considering I already have 15+ pages full in my notebook (only about half are pictures and doodles). So, I took photos of the most useful/interesting pages. The research is either from the interwebs or from our upon arrival briefing. I also have a bit of my own thoughts in there and throughout are some different Japanese phrases/words. Most are on the final page, so check that out too! I have the basics (hello, thankyou, I’m sorry) memorized, but I am still working on the rest… maybe by June I will be able to say all those and more! I will leave it on that last hopeful thought, and leave my notes open for you to read!


Facts and maps


Mas facts




Doesn’t have to do with Japan, but curious about what you like to read/listen to/see… If you have any preferences/ideas let me know! I will try to make lots of mediums of work over my time here.


You can never ask too many questions!


Briefing notes


More stuff


From the Peace Park


Phrases/Words in Japanese! *highly important*


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