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Konichiwa! Sneak Peak Photos with Captions


Unpacking on the first day of Hiroshima! The rooms are fantastic; it is like living in an apartment. Reminds me a lot of our living arrangements in Argentina.


While taking a walk through the park I came across this historical building, and perhaps you have heard of it. This structure is the only one that survived the devastating atomic bomb.


Some notes from Global Studies class… Just a few things we will be either studying in class or doing personal research on.


Well, these are just some travel guides I came across and while I am sure they are very helpful, I just think this language is a barrier that may be difficult to overcome…


This is stamina udon; however, I am fairy certain it took more energy to eat it that it gave me! Let’s just leave it on the note of I am not completely a master of chop sticks.


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