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’13 to ’14

I am normally not a juice drinker, but the sparkling grape juice we toasted with last night was pretty tasty. Earlier that evening, after picking up some books and watching the Great Gatsby (again), the few of us that had managed to stay awake helped NYC bring in the new year, even though it was just 11pm here in the Midwest. We then jammed to the greatest hits of 2013 that were being broadcasted from Times Square (Safe and Sound by Capital Cities, great trumpet solo) until 2014 made its way across the East. With only five minutes left of 2013, Charlie, my five-year-old sister, awoke quickly and claimed she never fell asleep. I was quite happy we had gained another member to our small welcoming committee. Then arming ourselves with pots, pans, noise-makers, and a left-over-pack of bottle rockets, we head out into the chilly Missouri night; fireworks were dancing among the thousands of stars in the sky and the rumbling noise of Black Cat products seemed to be rising around us. Of course, we had our fair share of contribution. Even Grandma Great banged on some pots! With one last look around and a cold inhale, we made our way back inside our warm home, content with our ringing in of the new year…


Kenzi, Charlie, and me on New Year’s Eve!


Photo Bombed by Kenzi… Grape juice anyone??

If you would like to check out my “Year in Review” photos you can click here and visit my facebook page. 2013 was a great year, but lets try to make 2014 even better. 😉

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