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Hiking, Tech, and New Year’s Resolutions

One thing I love about hiking is the feeling you have as you are walking. My thoughts aren’t focused on any one thing, I forget everything I was worried about or contemplating the night before and all that matters is that moment. All that matters is the clean oxygen filling my lungs, the green trees surrounding me, and the mountains I am treading amongst that make me feel as though my presence is a minor one in this environment, yet I know it is a meaningful one. Hiking lets me feel at one with myself and the world around me, an awareness often lost today with the technology we have gripped to like a life source. So, even though it is tempting to keep up to date with the world we have made so small, I encourage you all to drop your devices and venture out into the world to appreciate how big it is. Speaking of, this is one of my goals for the upcoming year. I want to get out from behind the computer screen and out the screen door in 2014. Spending time outdoors has always been a favorite activity of mine, but the last year I feel as though I have somewhat neglected this act. I want to go outside and play in the park, run along the river, hike a mountain, play catch in a field, anything physical and out of the four walls. I realized I needed more “outside time” in my life when hiking through Tanzania and Srinagar. As though it was yesterday, I can recall the fresh air and the green mountain view. It is the kind of view one needs to stop and look at for a moment, and one of my goals for 2014 is to experience more moments like this, and less moments behind the screen.

IMG_3680 gillianandme


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