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49 things I learned in North India


1. Education is key.

2. Acceptance is important; not everything has an answer.

3. Expect the unexpected. Always.

4. Any food is considered breakfast food, yes including curry.

5. Respect goes both ways.

6. Fight for what you believe in.

7. Positivity is important.

8. If someone stares at you, stare back.

9. Try new activities, foods, etc. at least once. No matter how different they seem.

10. Bring a scarf everywhere you go.

11. Never underestimate just how sugary something can be.

12. Don’t question it, six people CAN fit into the back of a tiny rickshaw.

13. Keep your eyes open, but your nose closed. There are lots of peculiar smells in the city.

14. Non-violence is the solution to a conflict.

15. Sometimes pushing is necessary.

16. Don’t leave excessive amounts of food on your plate.

14. Beware of goats, cows, and monkeys.

15. If you don’t like the way something looks, change your view.

16. One simple smile goes a long way.

17. It is possible for people to live together peacefully.

18. Don’t take candy from strangers, but chai is okay.

19. Consequences are often worse than the actual event.

20. No matter how hard the time, you will laugh about it one day.

21. Get plenty of sleep, and if you can’t, get plenty of coffee detergent (aka coffee powder).

22. It can, and will, get more humid.

23. Ask for help if you need it.

24. Live in real life, not behind a lens.

25. Your feet are going to get dirty, just go with it.

26. Listening is better than speaking at times, but don’t be afraid to speak.

27. Some rocks are acceptable to climb, others not so much.

28. Take a break and look around.

29. Sharing is caring.

30. Good times bring people together, so do frightening rickshaw rides.

31. Don’t talk to fortune tellers.

32. Draw pictures.

33. Take a deep breath.

33. Make in the moment decisions.

34. Don’t be afraid of what people will think of you.

35. Do what makes you happy.

36. Don’t drink too muck Coke on long bus rides.

37. Have a change of clothes ready.

38. Always carry earbuds and good music.

39. Drink water.

40. Explore everything.

41. Love is powerful.

42. Focus on the present moment.

43. Don’t be late, and if you are have a good excuse.

44. Ask questions.

45. Laugh often.

46. Make new friends, but stay close with old ones.

47. Let your hair blow in the wind of a speeding train, carefully.

48. Wear comfortable shoes.

49. Live life with a smile and an open mind.


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