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India Week Three: Curry, Cows, and Chai Tea

boardingschoolWeek Three in India Reflection: Everyday in India I have learned something new about the unique country. Currently TGS is studying in Hyderabad with a Indian boarding school, and while it is very different from every where else I have studied, I am trying to take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Almost every morning I do yoga in the field, watch the cows in a distance graze, and in the afternoon I go running, practice fútbol, or challenge a friend to a competitive match of badminton.

Most days the sky is overcast, but thankfully the sun has been peeking through the clouds lately. I definitely was thinking quite the opposite would be the case when leaving for India! The girls have been complaining a lot about the frizziness of their hair due to the humidity, which some days makes it confusing as to whether we have become sea creatures or we are still on “dry” land.

Like the temperature, the food is hot. I love a good spicy dish, but I must admit I don’t think curry is a favorite of mine anymore. I do like trying the different kinds, but after having it for every meal over the coarse of only a few weeks you get a little sick of it. However, the chai tea is one of my favorite drinks for sure.


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