Flashback: Recoleta Cemetery

Walking through the famous Buenos Aires cemetery brings so many emotions to the surface. On one hand, I feel terribly gloomy thinking of so many people that have passed on and imagining how their families and friends feel about it. Yet, looking around and seeing the elaborate mausoleums creatively built for so many people makes you think about just how the people around us are so important to this culture. i can imagine the large tombs portray the personality of those buried in them, and also for how the family and friends wanted them to be remembered.

Juan Oneto is buried in the Recoleta Cemetery behind a small rectangle in a large wall. The white plaque is pushed aside though, as if someone had tried to break into it. According to the tomb, he passed away on the fifth of April in 1892. This date explains the poor conditions of the gravesite. When people are buried in this cemetery it is the responsibility of the family members or friends to look after and care for the space of the tomb. It makes sense that such an ld tombstone would be more weathered than the others due too the fact that the family and friends of this Oneto may no longer be around either. This however brings me to question just how did the majority of the other graves stay so elaborate over the years? It may be simply the love of a devoted family taking charge, or perhaps the strength of a cultural tradition.

Coffins                                    Gravestone

cemetary  IMG_0206 IMG_0213 IMG_0215  IMG_0218 IMG_0225


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