Flashback: The Disappeared

TGS had the lucky opportunity to see the first public discussion from both sides of the “Disappeared” of the Dirty War. During this time thousands citizens were captured, tortured, and murdered for information needed by the government. Two men, Luís and Enrique, spoke about their experience with the Dirty War and afterwards I looked a little deeper and past the facts they repeated. I wrote the following on my notepad about the theme of this discussion…

Both of the men, Luís and Enrique, spoke of how when you are young you go through a phase where you are passionate and in love. You will work from the heart, but unfortunately this part of life doesn’t not last. As life goes on your views and mind-set will change from heart-based decisions to mind-based decisions. This will often make the younger generations mad and frustrated, so situations arrise and there will be disagreement. For the young will work from emotion and the elderly will use their brain.


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