Flashback: Estancia


Towards the end of TGS’ semester in Argentina, we took a well needed break from the hustle and bustle of Recoleta and went off into the country side. I feel like this relaxing setting truly represented an important piece of Argentina’s culture we had not yet experienced. The girls danced with gauchos, the guys played endless hours of ping pong, and we all cuddled and froze a around a huge fire as the night came to an end. I still remember the smell of coffee and dulce de leche as Cami and I strolled near the fields and adventured into a castle fit for a princess. At one point our chit chat was interrupted when we came across the what seemed to be abandoned church (in the above picture.) We sneakily climbed into the loft above the church and looked over the broken church pews below us. It was beautiful and eerie all in the same time, and I suppose that feeling described the entire weekend. Between the singing lovely songs and telling creepy stories, it brought our already tight-knit community even closer together.


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