American Independence Day

On July 4th, 1776, Americans declared separation from Britain and from that day forth announced their independence as a country. Over 200 years later, proud Americans continue to rejoice and celebrate our independence on this date, expressing our culture and values fourfold.

American Flag

A country already decorated in the star spangled banner year round explodes into a pattern of red, white, and blue from sea to shining sea. Families and friends gather, grill burgers, bake Grandma’s secret recipes, and light fireworks all night long. A tradition that will never fade and only grow stronger with years to come reminds Americans of why we should be proud to be an American. If it was possible to express our culture in one day, it would be on the forth of July.

Curious about Americans declaring their Independence? Read the Declaration of Independence!

Want to learn more about the values of an American? Read my essay here!


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