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Spell Casting in Salem

The last few weeks in school we have been studying the Salem Witch Trials and learning more about how it affected literature and modern witch hunts. We read The Crucible, by Arther Miller, and discussed the Red Scare in the 1900s, but also had some interesting conversations about why the witch trials may have started and the likeliness of there actually being witches. Nonetheless, the adventure that pulled all of these thoughts together was our trip to Salem one Saturday in April.

IMG_0218We first visited the historical landmarks, like the home of Samuel Parris, the land of Rebecca Nurse, and an old Puritan church, but we spent most of the day exploring Salem itself. Starting with grabbing lunch with a couple friends in a cool cafe and walking around the adorably haunting town.

IMG_0230 IMG_0233 IMG_0240

Then we checked out a few spellbinding stores and spoke to some passionate witches on our way a wax museum about characters from The Crucible. But, soon we found the most amazing bookstore that could ever be imagined.

IMG_0260 IMG_0253 IMG_0249

This bookstore had books piled high to the ceiling, and about every topic imaginable. Walking through this shop was like walking through a labyrinth of literature, and I much as I was tempted to go through the isles and grab every book that was appealing in anyway, I barely let out a breathe in fear that one wrong move would send the stacks of novels falling like a row of dominos. With caution I moved around the mini library and found several interesting books about the Salam Witch Trials, but eventually had to settle on one and bid my goodbye to the beautiful book shop and Salem.



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