The Vermonster

Weezer, curly hair, and a spring breeze is the ideal way of waking up in the morning. I woke up this morning well and rested after an unforgettable night out on the streets of Boston with some friends. Last Saturday night we did the impossible- devoured the Vermonster. This heart attack inducing treat has brownies, cookies, hot fudge, banana, chocolate chips, M&Ms, and roughly twenty scoops of Ben and Jerry’s delicious ice cream.


But for some further perspective, it took eight of us to finish this bin of sugar, two of us being boys, and we all were completely spent buy the end of it. It was incredibly amazing that once we got it all down none of us brought it back up. But, as a reward for taking on this challenge and completing it, the bunch of us will soon have our photo with the empty container on the wall of the ice cream shop.



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