Currently Located in Saint Peters, MO, USA.


My name is Sydney, but most people call me Syd. I am a student, a writer, a traveler, a sister, a human trying to better understand the workings of this world. I am curious and loyal, ambitious and realistic.

As of May 2016, I graduated from a traveling high school, THINK Global School, which allowed me to live in three different countries a year. I learned the art of origami while living in Hiroshima and the art of boxing while living in Boston; I learned about the atrocities of humanity in Sarajevo and about the happiness of life in Thimphu. These experience have shaped my perception of world, and because of its constant transformation, I know that through the years it will continue to morph (and hopefully expand).

In high school, I participated in the IB program with Biology, History, and Anthropology at Higher Level and Mathematics, English A, and Spanish B at Standard Level. During these formative years, I involved myself in several extracurricular activities and leadership roles: Student Council President, Head Editor of the magazine and yearbook, Prefect of my boarding house, and delegate in the Model United Nations Club. As this brief description does not satisfy all my qualifications and achievements, I encourage you to visit my Resumé.

Currently, I am enrolled at Saint Louis College of Pharmacy. After high school, I completed five semesters at Saint Charles Community College before transferring to STLCOP. Studying at a community college was the best way for me to make the educational transition from an alternative high school experience to one more traditional, while also allowing me to get a head start towards a degree in medicine.

Some say that it may appear more appropriate, considering my travel experiences, to go into International Relations or something of the like; however, if there is one thing that truly speaks to me it is the power of medicine and healing. As humans, we often find ourselves in arguments or battles caused by either cultural misunderstanding or difference goals. While at TGS, I spent a great deal of time researching and writing about such quarrels. It saddened me that humans could so easily dehumanize another, and we continue to see it in current events today.

I still feel passionate about these topics, but knew that when it came to how I want to impact the world that I do not want to be limited to one group of people or one cultural identity. Medicine is one of the few languages that speak to us all. As a student of pharmacy and a technician at Walgreens, I get to experience the impact of medicine hands-on. In the classroom, we study chemistry, calculus, and biological reactions. But most importantly, we strive to more positively impact the patient experience.

During time away from my studies, I have a passion for writing, reading, running, and cooking. To see more about my life, visit my Blog and Travel.

You can contact me at sydbmorris@gmail.com.